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They call us Iris and Iron.

I love my iris, and DJ loves his T.O.I.S. which is short for TIRED OLD IRON STUFF! You'll notice that many of the garden pictures feature old farm equipment yard art. DJ's T.O.I.S. have become garden T.O.I.S. The gardens just wouldn't be the same without them.

Ross Road Iris is an e-Commerce nursery, which means that we don't have an on-site retail business: we only sell on the Internet. However, all gardens should be appreciated.

In the beginning, people came to wander through the blooms, brought chairs, had picnics, wrote poetry. That was a lot of fun, but also became impossible. Without a large staff there just aren't enough hours in the day to accommodate those sorts of activities. The sprinklers need to come on when they need to come on--and with iris gardens, that doesn't happen on a schedule: it happens when something needs water!

As the gardens grew, we had to change our habits. No visitors!

We miss those good times when people came to wander and enjoy the gardens. Therefore, we're working toward occasionally opening the gardens for visitors. Not in 2018, but in 2019. It takes a little planning, and a little expense (insurance, advertising, extra staff). The big problem, of course, is that the bloom season is so very busy! It's when pictures have to be taken, it's when I hybridize my iris, it's when the weeds are growing fiercely, it's when orders are stacking up, and computer work takes most of every evening. It really does take some time to get it all together. This year, all my off-season time has gone into re-doing systems, including creating this new website. But, we're gonna show off the lovely gardens in 2019! The plan is once in May (main bloom) and once in June (during the annual Weiser Fiddle Festival).

We'll keep you posted.


Back to who we are!

DJ & Mona Baisch

DJ and I have been here in Weiser since 2008--that's when the first iris were planted on the long weedy hillside that started it all!

I never thought I'd be growing iris, or have a nursery, or spend hours and hours and hours outdoors in the gardens. I thought I'd have a nice garden and a nice yard, but I also thought I'd spend most of my time writing! Oh, I still write--now and then. But iris have taken over my life. My stories, of necessity, have become short stories. LOL

DJ is a machinist by trade. He doesn't do the gardening, but he keeps everything I need in working order. He is the ear I talk into when I start planning something new--like I plan to have mist systems installed on both greenhouses this spring!

So who we are is IRIS and IRON and what we are is HAPPY!

Mona Baisch - Gardener - © Ross Road Iris | The Green Thumbery

DJ and Mona Baisch

DJ and Mona Baisch

This is us - 


Harry our Doberman

Harry, our Doberman, is an important part of the family. He goes by several names--including Prince Harry, Scary Harry, and Whine-araner.

The Green Thumbery Logo

Ross Road Iris has a companion sitesite to Ross Road Iris. That's where you will find specials of all sorts, including, A CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. Everything you'll find posted on The Green Thumbery has a shelf life and will be available only in limited quantities.

DōTERRA Essential Oils

DoTerra Diffuser

Essential oils may not be growing in your garden, exactly, but many are derived from things that are growing in my gardens. If you haven't yet tried DōTERRA Essential Oils, we welcome you to look and enjoy!  This Petal Diffuser is wonderful! I use it every single night. Lately my essential oil of choice in the diffuser is BREATHE.